About Us

SAMRAT COOLFI hereby presents you a wide spectrum of quality products. The diverse range of our items includes Shrikhand, Basundi, Mawa, Paneer and many more to mention.

One of our manufacturing units is situated at Parel while other is at Ghatkopar. Being in the heart of the city, it is extremely convenient for us to render quick and efficient service to our consumers all over Mumbai, within a short period of notice.

Our employees have a skillful hand in the manufacture of our products. Due to this, our products have impressed the highly respected and prestigious societies of the city. In order to receive the joyance of serving the connoisseurs like you, we hereby innovate the idea of SAMRAT COOLFI.

Our Products, apart from being the taste of tongue, are also nutritious. At every step of our process, hygiene is maintained. Thus our products donate you content and to us the eternal satisfaction of pleasing our pallets. So set yourselves for the most wondrous experience that might be cherished by you and this augments your sweet memories . . .

Special Pure Rabadi Coolfi,  Candy
Ice Gola, Novelties, Utility Items,
These Kulfi Rolls are Prepared
From Pure Milk