Why Mark Education

As a child's mind is full of curiosity and simplicity, they loved to play endlessly. And that's why we strongly follow play – way technique for educating the little ones. A child must touch, feel, experience each thing to understand and learn from it. Mark, creates the opportunities to explore and develop various skills like reading, recognizing, sharing, caring etc.

Also apart from the curriculum, the school conducts activities like children club, Weekend programs, Evening programs, Day care, Summer Camps and teacher training etc.

Our USPs

  • academic support
  • branding & marketing support
  • rewards and recognition support
  • operational & techno support
  • other support

parents are equally important !

Parents are the 1 st teachers! Bring up a child is a very challenging and hard working task. It needs lot of understanding, trust, unconditional love and patience of both the parents.

As the child grows up, his needs change from time to time as per his age. The parent needs to understand his need. A teenager's requirement is different than a toddler etc. This is possible through the observation of a child' s behaviour, understand her needs and arrive at certain way of handling it. Each child is unique and his parents are the best judges.

A child is your reflection. A healthy parent – child relationship will reflect in making her a well & responsible being towards the society. At Mark, we also focus on the similar challenges where child's overall development will take him to the next level.

A Few Words About Our Children

There is one more home for your child outside your home. At 1.5 age, it is important that the child should feel comfortable like he is at home. When a child is comfortable, he blossoms very fast, his interaction between the other children and teacher becomes very friendly. At Mark, our curriculum is based on the method which most of the children use at home. Play-way method! We have designed such games that child enjoys playing as well as learn various skill through it and that's why, we make it like a second home for them.

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